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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

around Perry

good morning!  I was going to post yesterday,  but i had a mini- emergency.  My eyeglasses broke and couldn't be repaired. So i had to try and find some new ones. I looked online and found the Lenscrafters,but i couldn't book an appt online for yesterday.  I figured they were all booked. So i went to 4 different places to try and get an exam, so i could run to the Lenscrafters.  They were able to get me in at noon. a close call, ,but i made it in time.  Only to have to wait.  By the time i got out of there with the new specs, it was almost 4pm.  I gotta say i am liking my new glasses cause they stay on much better with 2 arms. 
                                                                                      Here are a few pictures of the New Perry Hotel.  Thi hotel is listed on the registry of historic buildings.  Or however it is called.  the picture of the outside of the hotel is the oldest part.  it was rebuilt early in the last century.  They have some awesome rooms there, and i was able to get a tour before they opened for business. Just cause i walked in and asked.  I figured they were already open,as there were cars there. believe me, i am not usually that bold.  the interior shot is of the hotel in back of the New Perry Hotel, and was built in the 50's.  As you can see  they still have the original decorations.  It is way cool the way the hotel works.  you have an outside door, and then on the inside there are rooms to the left and right. so a family could rent the 2 rooms and spill out into both rooms and still have privacy as the outsidedoor would keep people out.  Gosh, my words arent doing the hotel justice. guess you will have to come down and see it for yourself.  hope you all have a wonderful day.

Blessings, Karen

Friday, January 20, 2012


tonight i want to talk ( ok scream) about phones.  i just went out and got a new phone. the iphone, not the newest one, but still an upgrade from my old phone.  just as a side note J. downgraded his phone--go figure.  i do text on mine, and the old phone wasn't letting me send texts out. it was a hit or miss thing,with more misses than hits.  who knows why i thought it would be a good idea to get a phone that is smarter than i am.......   we got the phone in Macon, about a half hour away from home.  didnt know that would make a difference.  My fabtastic son-in-law was able to help me.  ok, i admit i handed off the phone to J. and let him deal with the whole thing. all i know is i was ready to take it  back and let them have the phone.  now i just have to find some apps.  i confess i have found some apps, but when it comes to downloading them i freak out.  tell me why i will wonder how i ever got along without the iphone?  just saying......   i am going to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Sleep tight.

Blessings, Karen

Thursday, January 19, 2012


you are probably thinking hotels is a strange subject to talk about. however since we have moved to Georgia ( from Ohio) we have taken a few overnighters. And latley we have had some rather strange experiences.  We were in Montgomery Alabama and stopped in a nice hotel, a chain hotel. to be honest i can't remember which one it was.  We were issued a room on the 1st floor ( not my choice).  when we walked in, the t.v. was blaring, the beds were unmade and there were towels on the bathroom floor!!  i was sure there was someone still in the room.  No, the maids must have said they cleaned the room, but didn't.  We did get upgraded to a suite on the second floor at no extra cost.  yeah!!  then we went to ST. Simons island and stayed at a chain hotel.  It was a nice room, rather small as J. could touch the ceiling.  the area in which the tub was was small, i could touch both walls with the outstretched arms. and i didnt have to stretch all the way.  the water smelled like a latrine ( as did the air at times).  we were there for 2 nights and the 2nd night we were the only ones there. they were expecting another couple, dont know if they ever did make it .  i have to say it was kind of creepy to be the only ones at a hotel.  the above photo is of the hotel in st. simons, while the pool area was nice it was too cool to swim. 

Blessings, karen

Saturday, January 14, 2012

my first new year project

Hello.  My new year resolution for 2012 was to do something in each magazine that i have.  this could take a while,as i have plenty.  I was looking for something to read and i found an issue of Flea Market Style.  Hey, i love flea markets, so i thought i would read it.  Loved the magazine,but couldn't figure out what to do, lots of neat ideas,but a lot of the projects seemed to use things i wouldn't be able to find.  there was a project using a canvas, and a advertising sign from a wooden crate.  they were cute, but i knew i wouldn't get the crate.  I had an idea, i could use the canvas ( i already had one painted black) and a black and white photo.  We were in north carolina and i had taken this cool photo of  some old gas pumps.  i could use that. the black and white photo didnt look good on the black background. so i added a border of white. i have to say that i like the look, and am already thinking of other photos that i could use.   sorry about the pictures,  i cant seem to get them where they should be. but i hope that you get the idea of what i am talking about.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hello.  this will be a quick post,without pictures. the thing is, i have been to a lot of places lately, and not taken my camera with me.  dont ask why.  It seems when i do take the camera, i don't need it, and vice versa.  We were in Atlanta the other day, and i didn't bring the camera. Our plan was to go to the art museum in Macon. NO, we ended up at the zoo atlanta. Grrrrrr!!!  Afterwards we drove thru the Oakland cemetary.  i could have taken tons of pictures.  i love to look at old cemetaries.  call me crazy!!!   I found a picture of a cemetary.  this one is in Savanah. i am thinking it is not Bonaventure cemetary.    A wonderful place. 
     My granddaughter's birthday is friday, the 13th.  she will be 6 years old. that makes me feel very old.  we celebrated  with her when she was down for Christmas.  she went to target and picked out what she wanted for her birthday.  some new jewelery, a new headband and a clutch (lime green!)  she called tonight, and when i asked her if she had worn the jewelery, she said no, but she had worn the headband.  she is having a Mario themed party at her dad's house, with a pinata.  wish i could see that.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

a few of my vintage photos

Hello.  How is everyone?  I say that like i have lots of followers. I don't, casue i only gave out this blog address to my sister Judy.  One day i will give it to more people.  It has been wonderful the past few days. Friday we (hubby and I) went to the zoo Atlanta. It isn't a big zoo, but it is awesome.  I have never heard a gorilla talk (roar, or whatever it is they do)til yesterday.  There were elephants that were eating bamboo. Just a lot of activity. maybe we were lucky, or maybe it is like that most of the time.  I cant wait to go back. we stopped at the cemetatry down the road. unfortunately i didn't have the camera, so no pics.  Guess i will have to go again.  And get zoo and cemetary pictures.

I wanted to share some of my recent finds.  I am fascinated by old photos. what is the story behind them.  Up in Ohio, there are lots of old pics.  I was able to be choosy and not pay a lot. some i got for a quarter.  Here they are harded to come by.  So i guess that is why the price is so much higher.  Now i feel like i have gotten a bargain if i can get one for a dollar.  I will let you make up your own stories on these two picture.  someday i will do something with them,but not now. 


Thursday, January 5, 2012

a new project

Good morning one and all.  I have started the new year off on a good foot. As you know (or maybe you don't know) one of my new years resolutions is to not buy a new magazine without doing one project in it.  I have masses of old craft and cooking magazines sitting in the closet.  So as well as not getting anything new, i need to start doing at least one project in each mag.  that might last for a few years.

yesterday while i was at the antique mall they had new mags for a dollar. and here was a somerset home. the one that is out at the news stands now.  a 15 dollar mag for a dollar. Ahhhh, but i had to look to make sure there was at least one project. and there was a cute photo frame that looked easy to do. it had some old sheet music on it, and i went back and found the 2 for a dollar sheet music i had seen earlier. yeah for me.  now i have to do the project. Of  course i am currently reading a flea market style magazine. dont know what i will do out of that one. have a wonderful day.

Blessings, Karen